Help for all the Mamas…


For all of you Mamas out there: here is a list I’ve come up with to help you out of the “Blahs”. These have helped me through some rough and bumpy days. Everyone has them, every Mama struggles. These might help.

1. Spend time alone in prayer with God and read His word daily. Even if you pick one verse and meditate on it throughout the day.
2. Get a nap.
3. Get a shower.
4. Get your body moving, even if it’s a 15 minute walk.
5. Put on makeup.
6. Put on perfume, earrings and lipgloss.
7. Get out of your yoga pants. (Ahem… pencils skirts and maxis are the same material and look more feminine and fancy)
8. Pick a bouquet of flowers
9. Listen to upbeat music, dance in the kitchen. Find your jam!
10. Eat a big salad.
11. Make your bed.
12. Get coffee with a friend.
13. Go to bed earlier.
14. Stop watching that show you know isn’t pleasing to the Lord.
15. Purge out all the extra stuff in your house and take it to Goodwill.
16. Light a candle.
17. Cook your way through a cookbook from the Library. I dare you to do Curries!
18. Stop weighing yourself.
19. Go outside by yourself and water your plants (trust me on this, very therapeutic!)
20. Put your phone on the Goodnight feature except for your husbands ringtone.
21. Paint your nails.
22. Cut down on your caffeine intake and drink some herbal goodness.
23. Take your vitamins.
24. Apologize to someone if you need to.
25. Send your husband a romantic or funny text.
26. Take a break from online shopping.
27. Hug your kids.
28. Write down all your worries and tell the Lord “here.. You take it. Sorry for trying to deal with this myself.”
29. Tell a joke. (Even if it’s lame and only your seven year old laughs)
30. Don’t forget wine and chocolate.

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