October Happenings: Bedroom Makeover and One Helpful Tip!

I love my bedroom. It’s my little sanctuary. It’s my escape at the end of the day with my husband. Typically it also involves something to watch or read while he grades papers and a hot cup of herbal tea! We are side by side enjoying one another’s company even though grading papers is not always easy or fun.

I’ve always “made do” with what we had in our bedroom. All of my furniture was hand me downs, including the bedding which was either given to me or I got from the thrift store. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I’ve always tried to use my artistic panache to make it still feel homey and romantic. But I really wanted to turn my bedroom into a calming oasis of sorts, but stick to a limited budget.




It’s funny when God hears your hearts desire and pulls little things along into your life and provides you with just what you need, when you need it.  Groupon had a deal with a pretty comforter, I found several yards of different colored grey linen (real linen!!) at Goodwill for $3. A can of flat grey paint was $9. Ross had a great laundry hamper for a good price.

It involved sanding, and painting, it involved Pinterest ideas and moving furniture around the room with my strong son (after my daughter helped me figure out what furniture should go where).


And low and behold, we have a new room. It took some work and definitely more panache, but I love the outcome and we love our new “oasis”!

The grey linen I painted: I made white and metallic crosses on the dark grey linen and painted “Mr and Mrs” along with tiny metallic crosses for the light grey linen.


I painted all three pieces of furniture with the same one can of flat grey paint. Mad props goes to my son, who helped me move all this furniture to the back deck so I could sand and paint it! (this was, after all, a surprise for my husband. He loved the surprise!)

I’ve found grey to be quite calming and peaceful, which is just what I wanted!

This was a really fun project!

I’d love to see some of your bedroom makeover ideas!

Now for my hot tip!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when I came up with this idea, it was definitely a life saver and time saver for me. I have a wardrobe system: I look at the weeks weather forecast. I go onto pinterest for outfits that go well with that day’s weather and I search “black jeans outfit” or “chambray shirt outfit” and I usually have something in my closet that matches the outfit idea. I then compile a weeks worth of outfits starting with Monday and going all the way to Sunday with outfits I know will fit me and that I already have in my closet. It really helps me on the busy days when I can grab an outfit and go. I also don’t have to think about if it looks good, because somebody on Pinterest did the work for me. I hang the weeks worth of outfits on a hook on my closet door and each day, it’s there waiting for me! Voila!


Hope your October is wonderfully lovely. I can’t believe how beautiful Fall always seems to be. Especially at Hygge House!



The Hygge Homemaker

Mama J

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